Wednesday, December 3, 2008


I’m working on a post in my head about Thanskgiving. Maybe I’ll have time to write it down tonight as I don’t have to be anywhere tonight. I don’t have to pack or paint or rehearse. So what am I going to do? Cook and sit. Aaaah.


GM President Fritz Henderson says that bankruptcy is not an option because “we do not want to give consumers a reason not to buy our cars and trucks.” Um… Consumers already have a reason not to buy your cars and trucks: They suck.

Going bankrupt didn’t force US Airways, Delta, Northwest, or United out of business. If you’re so certain it will force you out of business, then… well… You’ve got bigger problems and should probably just go under now and save the taxpayers their money.


I haven’t been able to watch this clip and I can’t seem to embed it for some reason, but it’s the sock puppet asking congress "Why are you talking about bailing out the auto companies when you let all us tech companies just crash and burn?"

(from Boing Boing)


Also from Boing Boing,see an online periodic table of elements with pictures of the elements where possible. You can also order posters, special customized banners, and more!

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