Sunday, December 21, 2008

Yankee Swap (Raw)

(This one is really just a tiny piece of a much larger post I had planned on the Un-Scripted Holiday Party and Yankee Swap.)

This year we had a 22 month-old participating in the Yankee swap. When her number came up, her Mother let her decide if she wanted to steal something or unwrap something new. Much to her Mother’s horror (her Mother being Jewish), the toddler almost stole the Jesus Bobble-Head and Jesus Action Figure from Clay. Instead she took some Christmas Ornament Balls from Diana.

This year, we added a new wrinkle. With Tara now off in Maine, she sent a Special Bonus Gift along that was double wrapped. Once the first wrapping was removed, it had to remain wrapped until the end, but it could be stolen an infinite number of times. In the end Zack got it, and opened it to reveal a little man made by Tara in her Etsy Shop. The toddler immediately went up to Zack and took it! The Father negotiated a trade so she could go home with it.

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