Monday, January 12, 2009

Clearance Sale

There’s now a 20% Off Clearance Sale sign up at Stacey’s. I don’t know if it went up over the weekend or if it’s new today, but it was not there when I went in on Friday. I’ll have to start looking more closely for books I might actually want to buy.

The sign makes no mention of the fact that the store is closing. In fact, you would have no way of knowing the store was closing if you’d missed the news articles about it. Though, I did overhear a customer ask an employee “Is it true you’re really closing in March?” She replied “Yep, unless the money fairy comes and saves us.”

Stacey’s sales were down 15% for the holiday season compared to last year. According to Publisher’s Marketplace, Barnes & Noble’s were down 7.7%. I guess those mochas saved them.

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