Saturday, January 24, 2009


I'm such a sucker for Web 2.0 viral marketing. When Neil Gaiman asks people to do something in his Twitter feed, what do I do? I do it. Here's what he said:

neilhimself Would people mind spreading around a bit? Put links up to it and such? It's the first Coraline trailer I've liked

Here's what I do:

It opens the weekend I'm in Iowa visiting my sister. I wonder, would it be too scary to take the C-Man and Princess O to while I'm there? I would enjoy sharing it with them, but I fear it would not go well. I would also love to see it with Diana. Curse me and my bad timing!

This also brings up the interesting experience that is following Neil Gaiman's Twitter feed. Now I really feel like I'm stalking him, but it also enables a very strange sort of access to him, in that he frequently responds to messages sent @neilhimself. I'm not sure how best to use this as I really don't have anything interesting to ask or tell him at the moment.

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  1. Let me get the book and I will decide if la Principessa and the C-man can handle it...

    More next week.


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