Saturday, January 3, 2009

My Most Visited Posts of 2008

Proving once again that sex sells: Most Beautiful Bottom Contest Winners

As much as I like Project Runway, the show had some issues: Project Runway: The Bryan Park show was last night.

My letter to my congresswoman about the auto bailout: No Auto Bailout

My opinions on the inaptly named "French Martini": French Martini - Liberated from my laptop at last

My thoughts on Jesus' voting habits: Jesus would vote NO on Prop 8

My review of Berkeley Rep's Production of Figaro, which I left at intermission: Figaro

Did you know that the Midwest gets earthquakes? Pretty big ones too. (Oh, and people everywhere pronounce things oddly.): Earthquake! (and regional pronunciations)

The post that most freaked out my sister: This Post Is About EARWIGS or God Doesn't Want Me Eating Peaches

Why I was predisposed to dislike the movie 21 (which I never saw): 21

Wow, who knew that the tenth highest rated "page" on my blog was a label search of all my Project Runway posts? That's pretty cool.

The actual page that got the tenth highest visits was my adventures eating Durian Cheesecake.

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