Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Nudity in Films

I happened across this article online the other day and it got me wondering… What really is the disparity between male and female nudity in films? Do you really see more topless woman then men? Or is it because a topless woman is considered “nude” while a topless man isn’t that we perceive that there are more naked women in film than men? I’d be interested to know exactly what the ratios are of topless men to topless women and bottomless men to bottomless women. I honestly can’t remember the last movie I saw with full-frontal female nudity. Whereas I do know the last movie I “saw” with full-frontal male nudity was Forgetting Sarah Marshal. (I put “saw” in quotes because a woman next to me on a plane was watching that movie on her laptop, and I watched parts of it without the sound. I don’t think she realized how much nudity was in that film as she kept slamming the laptop lid down every time someone got naked.)

I don’t doubt there are more naked women in movies than men. I just wonder what the disparity really is.

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