Monday, January 5, 2009

One Last BCS Rant

I know, I know, you're probably all sick and tired of my NCAA Football rants, but I mean, please... come on! There's no way you can convince me that the winner of Thursday's BCS Championship Game is in any way shape or form the College Football National Champion. Without head-to-head competition, you can't tell me that Oklahoma and Florida are that much better than Texas, Utah, USC, TCU, or even Ohio State and Boise. The Fiesta Bowl could just as easily have been the National Championship game as Thursday's game. It was just as good and in fact it will be very difficult for Thursday's game to be as good as the Fiesta Bowl. And the Fiesta Bowl may even prove to have been a National Championship Game. If Oklahoma beats Florida Thursday, the A.P. could easily award its Championship to Texas (who beat Oklahoma head-to-head earlier this season).

And why isn't Utah the consensus champion? They are after all the only undefeated top division team.

It's just sad really.


From the article I link to about Utah:

(Not that big-time college football is dysfunctional or anything, but who ever heard of playing exhibition games after the regular season?)

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