Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Stacey's is Closing!

Stacey’s is closing. Nooooooooo… I mean, I’ve never exactly been the biggest cheerleader for independent booksellers after my first hand experience dealing with them in the late 90’s. Too many of them had a chip on their shoulder somehow believing that the world owed them their existence and that adapting to the changing marketplace was somehow beneath them. Those stores all went out of business years ago. The ones that survived carved out niches and adapted.

I suppose though, in a world where Borders is on the verge of going under and so many companies are in trouble, how could Stacey’s be expected to survive? It’s a nice bookstore, and just a half block from my office. I bought Christmas presents there. Sure, it has its issues. The first time I walked in I thought the building had once been a Barnes & Noble that had closed and left all its fixtures behind. Seriously, I was very disoriented, but I got over it.

First Cody’s closed back in June and now this. It’s just sad really.


  1. Wow, I don't think I had heard that Cody's had closed. And now Stacey's too.

    Like you, I have never had much sympathy for independent booksellers, but that's too bad.

    However, right now I am just hoping my local Borders stays afloat.

  2. Yeah Cody's closed rather suddenly. They had just moved to a new space on Shattuck and then went kaput. I've added a link to an article about it in the body of the post.

    I've heard that Borders isn't exactly a "blue" company politically, if you catchy my meaning, whereas B&N is supposedly much more progressive.

  3. What you say about Borders may be true, but it's the only game in town here. And if they go under I just don't know where I will be able to buy Interweave Knits and F1 Racing magazines at the same place.


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