Monday, February 23, 2009

Obligatory Oscar Post

Too busy today to write much, but as I’m contractually obligated to give my Oscar thoughts:

Good show
• Liked Hugh Jackman
• Am I the only one who noticed that for the first time in forever Jack Nicholson wasn’t in the front row? Was he even there?
• Glad Heath won. Well deserved. (Of course I thought Nicholson should have at least been nominated for playing the Joker way back when.)
• Glad Slumdog won, but that’s really the only movie I’d seen.
• Sean Penn: Great Speech. Just the right amount of self awareness and politics, but where was the “thank you” to your wife? Oh, right, it was glaringly absent.
• Celebrity Montage: horrible. Good to see them getting suitably ripped for it today in the press.
• All-in-all: too many sweeping camera shots. The only dizzy people connected with the Oscars should be the winners.
• Every year they claim their “trimming” the show down, and every year there’s at least one completely nonsensical musical number or montage: The Musical is Back?? The musical was back a few years ago. Get with the times, or come up with a better excuse for a dance number. Salute to Comedies??: Having not seen Pineapple Express, it went completely over my head.
• Nicole Kidman: rowr, even if her dress did match her skin tone. Kate Winslet, Anne Hathaway, and Penelope Cruz looked amazing too.
Meryl Streep: Now the favorite for winning an Oscar next year for playing Julia Child in Julie & Julia. Not only will she have a leg up by playing a historical figure, but the "15 times a bridesmaid only twice the bride" shtick last night just earned her a lot of sympathy votes. That and she looked amazing. Rowr.
Sophia Loren: Eeek! She has not aged well, and before you judge me, realize she’s the same age as Judi Dench. Who has aged well.

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