Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Other People's Blogs: Peeing, How To Eat Out Right, & Vibrators

My other sister recently got a laptop with wifi and started up her own blog: The Blahg. She muses on her family and economics and other stuff. From her most recent post about her boys:

The other day my DH (dear husband) exited the bathroom shouting in disbelief “who peed on my book?”. I could only reassure him that it wasn’t me.

It's quite good, if I do say so myself. Quality writing runs in our family.


My friend Clay, who earns money primarily as a waiter at a fancy restaurant in SJ, posted twice recently about How to Eat Out Right:

How to Eat Out Right: Dispelling the Myth of Tipping on Alcohol
It takes the same amount of effort to bring you a $7 cheeseburger that it does to bring you a $135 steak (except for stopping off to grab a steak knife). But there's a significantly higher work to price ratio difference between your diet coke and your bottle of Amarone.

How to Eat Out Right: You, Your Server, and Your Check
If you're not going to bother to look at the check, don't ask your server to bring it out, just give them your credit card. Nothing is more frustrating than running to print a check, and bringing it back to the table just to have you place your card on the check presenter and not even bother to open it up. Saving us a trip makes us love you.


I recently discovered a local Bay Area playwright's blog from reading Tim Bauer's Direct Address.

This is from her review of The Vibrator Play:
So the amazing thing is seeing how these women, who are so inhibited in every other aspect of their lives, are completely uninhibited when it comes to the vibrator, because they don't know any better.

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