Friday, February 20, 2009

Project Runway Bryant Park Show was this morning

That's right. Season 6 of Project Runway shot it's finale at Bryant Park this morning in New York. No, you haven't missed anything. Due to legal problems, the show has not been airing. (NBC and Lifetime are fighting over the show in Federal court.)

So how did they do it? Did all 16 contestants send collections down the runway to keep from spoiling who the finalists were? Nope. They just didn't let any of the contestants show their faces on the runway. Although, according to the NY Times, all 16 contestants were backstage.

A blog claiming to be a spoiler says the third collection was by far the best, but according to People, the final episode will not show the collections in the same order. (Follow the spoiler link to read a description of the collection and see a photo.)

The show was filmed last fall in Los Angeles, not New York, but Bryant Park was still the finale destination. Also according to People, Michael Kors and Nina Garcia were not able to judge every competition due to the change of venue. Editors from Marie Claire (where Nina now works apparently) and celebrities filled in.

Project Rungay bloggers went to the show, but have not yet posted photos.

At least this time when the show airs, and the contestants make impassioned remarks about how badly they want to be in the final 3 to show at Bryant Park, we can believe them.

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