Monday, February 2, 2009

Remembering the 1985 Chicago Bears

One of the only reasons I have even a passing interest in the NFL stems from being a kid in the Chicago suburbs when the 85-86 Bears won the Super Bowl. That was one of the most enjoyable sports experiences of my life. (And one of only two times a team I root for has won it all. The other being when Notre Dame won the national championship in 1988.) (I don’t count the Bulls dynasty as I never considered myself a Bulls fan.)

Not only was that team fun to watch and packed with personalities, but they achieved near mythical status in their own time, and it continues to this day.

A few years ago I was watching something with Pat Summerall, who played back in the 50’s and did play-by-play for ages, and I heard him say with an audible trace of fear in his voice (that could only come from a former offensive player) “that defense was terrifying.” He, a commentator, was still genuinely afraid of the 85-86 Bear defense.

Just this morning I read this in an article on the Bleacher Report talking about the 1985 Miami Dolphins as one of the greatest teams to never play in a Super Bowl: “Miami went 12-4 and defeated the Chicago Bears. You know which one I am talking about.” Yes. Yes I do.

Their defense allowed just 10 points that entire post season. They shut-out both of their playoff opponents and allowed just 10 points to the Patriots in the Super Bowl, 7 of those coming in the fourth quarter with the game well out of reach (the Bears were up 44-3 when they scored).

That was a good team.

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