Monday, February 2, 2009

Super Bowl Shorts

Well, it was a great game, possibly the best... Super Bowl... ever, a thrilling victory if you were rooting for the Steelers, a heartbreaking loss if you were rooting for the Cardinals and Kurt Warner, disappointing if (like me) you were rooting for overtime for the sheer novelty of it, and even fun to watch if you didn't really care who won. But it seems like the best team won. Had Kurt Warner not thrown that interception at the end of the first half, the Cardinals would have won. Had the defense stopped the Steelers on that last drive, the Cardinals would have won. But they didn't.


I'm sure these facts were covered in the endless pre-game, but as I didn't watch it, I figured these out on my own:

It was just the 4th time (and just the 3rd combination) that two quarterbacks who had previously won Super Bowls went head-to-head in one, Kurt Warner having won Super Bowl XXXIV with the Rams and Ben Roethlisberger Super Bowl XL with his same Steelers. Terry Bradshaw also of the Steelers (winner of Super Bowl IX) and Roger Staubach of the Cowboys (winner of Super Bowl VI) did it twice in the 70's (Super Bowls X and XIII) with Bradswah winning both. The last time it happened was back in 1984 when Jim Plunkett of the LA Raiders (winner of Super Bowl XV with the Oakland Raiders) beat Joe Theismann of the Washington Redskins (winner of Super Bowl XVII).

Had Warner won, he would have become the first starting quarterback to win 2 Super Bowls with 2 different teams. (Jim McMahon, winner of Super Bowl XX with the Bears as a starting quarterback was a back-up to Brett Favre when the Packers won Super Bowl XXXI.)


I enjoyed reading this article this morning, posted yesterday before the game, about how Steelers vs. Cardinals couldn't possibly top last years Giants vs. Patriots. I wonder if the guy will post a follow up.

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