Friday, March 6, 2009

Happy Birthday Blog!

One year ago today I posted my first blog here to Experiment Farm: Claritin. 463 posts, over 10,000 page views, visitors from 94 countries, and countless allergy shots later, I've made approximately $14.97 from my writing. Time to go to Vegas.

(Yes I know that YouTube video is severely weird, but it was the only one that featured the actual studio version of the song and not some crappy live version captured on someone's cell phone.)

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In 1789, the governor of Australia granted land and some animals to James Ruse in an experiment to see how long it would take him to support himself. Within 15 months he had become self sufficient. The area is still known as Experiment Farm. This is my Experiment Farm to see how long it will take me to support myself by writing.