Thursday, March 12, 2009


From a friend's facebook status:
Rove ignores's subpeonas, gets a TV job after committing treason revealing Plame's identity and the shoe thrower gets 3 years in prison for not hitting Bush.


Unlike people from another theater company, I refuse to beg for your votes. I will urge you to vote. I will explain how it will help us a small improv company gain exposure and perhaps some legitimacy in the eyes of the city's theater critics, but I will not beg.

Vote for us if you want to help us.
Vote for us if you believe we are the best theater company in the Bay Area.
But don't vote for us out of pity.


I have blogged twice to my improv blog:
Un-Scripted: unscripted Week 1
Rehearsal #7: Everything at Once


My sisters have been trading posts about disgusting foods (deep fried pizza, deep fried cheeseburger). Diana insists I make them aware of

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