Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Tears and deals as Stacey's closes in S.F.

Veteran clerk Ed Mycue said he didn't know what he was going to do after the store shut down. Bookstore clerks don't know how to do much besides be bookstore clerks, he said with a sigh, and that's an occupation the world has decided it can largely do without.


Hey American “Project Runway” Fans…

Feeling withdrawal from the delayed (cancelled?) sixth season of the U.S version of Project Runway? Take a trip up north via YouTube. Sure, we might have lower production values, (and) a weak Tim Gunn replacement... but we also have Iman, who’s intensity is hypnotic and bitchiness puts Heidi Klum to shame.

The post then embeds the entire first episode from YouTube. I have not watched it yet.


The New Book Banning - In case you've missed it, the latest law regulating lead in toys has had far reaching and disastrous consequences. This is just one example.


Some interesting photo essays from Time:

Detroit's Beautiful, Horrible Decline
Google Earth Adds Historical Photos
Stores That Are No More

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