Thursday, March 19, 2009


Kenley finally gets arrested, for using a cat as a weapon. Somehow that's so fitting.



I had this idea over a year ago, to get a bunch of improvisors to move to Detroit and turn it into a bastion of the arts. Now's the time I guess:

Artists buying cheap houses in Detroit


The Sci-Fi channel has apparently rebranded itself as the SyFy channel.... Whaaaa? One blogger proposes 25 other better yet equally as stupid names including:

The Stargate Channel That Also Shows Star Trek Sometimes, But Never An Episode That You Want To Watch
(or my favorite:)
The Mansquito And Proud Of It Channel


Teens in Catalonia and one of their teachers spent about £53 on equipment and sent a balloon up to the edge of space... and took photos.

Telegraph Article
Their Website (not in English)


Portraits of Presidential mistresses (most of them Kennedy's, my god, no wonder he had such a bad back)

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