Saturday, March 7, 2009

Stacy's Last Days

I can't imagine they'll stay open much longer. I continue to be overcome with a sense of anxiety as I walk through the dessicated shelves. Few books remain. The few that do aren't exactly best-sellers. Yet Wednesday afternoon the place was packed with people buzzing around like starving vultures picking over the last inedible scraps of a wildebeest. True the place has nearly always been crowded since I first ventured in after hearing of their closing, but it was unusually so that day.

I discovered why when I went upstairs: Cara Black, a local mystery novelist was doing a lunch-time reading. Apparently it was the last one, according to the article in the paper the next day. The article also said that Stacey's pulled in $4.5 million in business last year, but it still wasn't enough to support such a large store in such a prime location.

Everything's 50% off now, if you can find something you'd like.

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