Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Around This Day in History

Ten years ago last Tuesday, The Matrix was released. Ten years! Can you believe it? XKCD posted a funny comic about it today. I'll admit, when I first saw it, I thought it was pretty stupid. And yet, being the sucker for popular culture that I am, I rushed out to see the sequels when they were released. Of course they were sooooo stupid, I actually now like the original in retrospect.

Here's a clip complete with Riff Trax commentary by Mike Nelson and crew:


Fifteen years ago today, Kurt Cobain's body was found. I was in Prague on a semester abroad, and with the time change and when the body was actually found, we all saw the news on MTV Europe down in the little lounge long before any of our friends in the US woke up to hear the news.

This drawing has an interesting (and short) backstory: Kurt Cobain would have thought this was funny. Maybe.


Thirty five years ago today, Hank Aaron hit career home run #715, passing Babe Ruth on the all-time list.

Listen to three different calls of the play by Curt Gowdy on NBC TV, Milo Hamilton on the Braves radio network, and legend Vin Scully on the Dodgers radio network. (Vin Scully's is the best, but the second one is the most commonly heard. Not sure if it's Hamilton or Gowdy. It's Hamilton, who just had a street named after him in Houston.)

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