Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Durian Candy

One of my co-workers returned today from two weeks in the Philippines and brought us all some goodies. She gave us each a bag of dried mangoes and a package of Peanut Kisses, which are “peanut and egg white cookies”, so essentially peanut meringues.

Then she pulled out a bag of Durian candy for us all to share. She’d gotten it because I had once famously eaten Durian Cheesecake during a department lunch outing. I immediately opened up the bag and popped one into my mouth as an early morning treat.

It tasted… just about exactly like I remember the Cheesecake tasting only less overpowering. It had a strong, savory flavor with something of an oniony twang and the hint of a strong cheese gone bad all made sweet and creamy by the candy. Initially off-putting, the strange flavors almost immediately become oddly bearable, almost good. Then about 5 minutes or so later, as the taste lingered in my mouth, I found myself thinking… hmm… mmm… I want another one. About 2 hours later as the taste lingered in my mouth I wondered, when will I stop tasting this? It still wasn't bad, mind you, just unwelcomingly persistent.

So if you happen to find a bag of Dundee’s Davao Special Durian Twist 50’s at your local Philippine market, I recommend them. They’re made from just durian pulp, syrup, butter, milk, dextrose, and sugar.

Someday I’ll have to try the actual fruit.

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