Friday, April 10, 2009

Luvin' in the Schoolyard

At 8am yesterday morning I got the following text to my phone from a number I didn't recognize:

Dude, luvin in the schoolyard rocks! SO GLAD WE DID IT 8-)

I of course assumed someone had had a really good night and texted me about it accidentally. I laughed and laughed and posted it to Twitter and my Facebook status.

I did not text back. I couldn't bring myself to mess with the person, as I know some of you evil people would have. The comments on my Facebook status even suggested several funny things I could have texted back.

But it turns out it was not a wrong number text after all! It was from my friend Jeff, who's number wasn't in my phone, and it was referencing a scene he and I had done together in Un-Scripted: unscripted:

Ah, you gotta love live's little misunderstandings.

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