Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Oh Intermission, Where Art Thou?

After all my bitching about intermission placement, I’m afraid I haven’t done a much better job. The first half of Briefs is way shorter than the second. Generally you want that to be the other way around. Unfortunately the constraints of the costume and set changes largely prevent me from being able to adjust it at this point. At least though, neither half is longer than an hour. In fact, the longest half, the second half, should only be about 45 minutes when all is said and done.

Impact’s managing director and artistic director were both at the rehearsal last night (and both have been wonderful and a great help), but we got to talking that Puberty Support Group might not have been the strongest choice to end the show on. For a moment I agreed with them, but now I’ve come back around to stick by my choice. It’s not the highest energy piece, but it’s the tightest, has the best arc and a nice button ending. It’s also riddled with little subtle throwbacks to the themes touched on by all the previous pieces.

It just ends the show with a dénouement instead of a bang, an approach that’s somewhat underrated.

And besides, I clearly have different “evening arch” philosophies than they do.

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