Friday, April 24, 2009


In Massachusetts, a husband's death shows how important marriage is -- and how absolutely ordinary and accepted same-sex marriage has become


My new favorite website:

Some samples:
(855): somehow, due in part to drug cocktail and alchl prior to meeting, i blacked out, got home, made total mess of kitchen, broke shower, and made 17 hard boiled eggs

(248): We should go out drinking together soon
(734): I'm still not going to have sex with you

(202): I am apparently in rockville maryland. I just threw up my tater tots I had fro brunch in a safeway parking lot. Then ordered a pizza. Pepperoni and pineapple. I'm sitting in the parking lot, next to my barf, waiting for my pizza. WOOF. Someone just gave me an oxycontin tab. Can u come get me? I'm scared

(908): So ignoring my calls doesnt work if you update your facebook a minute later.


A collection of logos in James Bond films, just because.


A super-cool place to buy random things. Kiosk.

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  1. is hi-larious. Thanks for sharing it!


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