Thursday, April 30, 2009


Gama-Go is opening a flag ship store on 8th Street in San Francisco on Saturday. I love their stuff. If you've ever seen me in my flaming skull shirt (pictured) or smoking pigeon shirt, those're both theirs.



$30 buys you your own page in a book
, but you have to be local to NYC. (Thanks Patrick)


It might just be because I'm directing a play about puberty, but I laugh every time I read this headline:

Girl Beats Off Muggers with Marching Band Baton


More Briefs in the news, this time from (which I'd never heard of). It's quite a long and very informative article about the show. Here's my favorite quote though:

"The show will be directed by Alan Goy, a founding member of the celebrated improv troupe Un-Scripted Theater Company."

Ooo, we're "celebrated". Yipee!


How Room Designs Affect Your Work and Mood (Thanks Danielle)

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