Friday, May 1, 2009

It's Opening Night!

We had a solid preview last night. I think the show will really find its legs once they've done it in front of an audience a few times. I don't know how full the house looks tonight, but I'll have to make sure I see it some night with a big audience.

I built a new blood apparatus for The Talk yesterday. I took a ball ear syringe, attached piece of plastic tubing over the end, and then nested 2 more successively smaller pieces of plastic tubing to narrow the opening. Fun with physics: narrowing the opening will cause the liquid to have a greater velocity coming out and cause it to spray farther. This first attempt worked a little too well as blood shot clear to the back of the house. I removed one of the nested tubes so it wasn't quite as narrow. It worked great in the show.

I will now admit that The Talk should probably be the end of the show and not Puberty Support Group. Had I known 2 weeks ago what I know now, so it would be. Alas, 2 weeks ago I didn't think The Talk was really all that funny and as my actors knew not their lines I could not see all the humor that lay within. I also didn't have a working blood effect until last night.

All that is to say, I couldn't have known 2 weeks ago to end the show with The Talk and it's too late to rearrange it all now. That is not to say ending with Puberty Support Group is bad. It's quite a good ending for the show. Ending with The Talk would've been stronger.

In any case, come see it.

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