Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Nothing Comes for Free

I’m sorry, but these people are idiots. Unfortunately they’re a microcosm of the state of California as a whole, but it points out a number of things:

1. The more rural conservative parts of this state take advantage of the liberal leaning urban areas. They pay less taxes, but get more tax dollars per capita, living off the extra money the liberal areas are willing to pay.
2. Nothing comes for free people! If you want government and social services you have to pay for them.
3. I don’t particularly care if it costs more money to provide social services to remote rural parts of the state. If the area can’t support itself, or isn’t providing something vital the rest of the state can’t live without, people shouldn’t live there.

Humans have developed a misguided sense of entitlement to their lifestyle and the places they live. Just because it’s how you want to live, just because it’s the place you love, or the place you grew up in, or the place your ancestors grew up in, doesn’t mean the world owes it to you to keep living there. If you can’t afford it or can’t sustain it, you move to somewhere you can. You change your lifestyle to survive. That’s humanity people. That’s what humans have been doing for hundreds of thousands of years. If not, we’d either all still be living in Africa or have gone extinct a very long time ago.


  1. I got a very very very different set of ideas from that story than you did.
    And it would take up wayyyyyy too much space, so I'll just say that I think that people have the right to live as they will, and that city living is a pain in the butt.

  2. On one level, I completely agree with you: people have the right to live as they will. On another level, that's a falacy. If one chooses not to eat, one will die. We have to make certain choices in order to survive. It's inherent in being alive.

  3. And I'd love to hear your full response. I'm entirely open to the idea that I could be full of shit and completely wrong.


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