Friday, August 28, 2009

Project Runway 6, Episode 2: AAAAAAaaaarrgh


That’s the sound of a little piece of my sanity dying when the judges sent Malvin packing and let Mitchell skate by one more time. Apparently the judges have decided that having a point-of-view a little outside of the norm and taking risks is more unforgivable than NOT BEING ABLE TO FUCKING SEW.

The Challenge:
Make a chic maternity dress for super-model, actress Rebecca Romijn (no longer Stamos) who at the time of shooting was pregnant with twins (from new hubby Jerry O’Connell). (Thanks to the delay in airing this season, the twins have since been born, graduated from design school, and now have their own line of maternity clothing.) Great challenge even if the “celebrity-a-day” theme is a little troublesome. (I wonder what celebrity who was looking for publicity last fall will be on next week? “Your challenge this week is to design a campaign dress for Vice-Presidential Candidate Sarah Palin.”)

The Winner:
Shirin Askari won with a lovely dress and coat combination and I think deservedly so. Althea’s gown had some construction issues that, among other things, had her model’s boobs nearly spilling out. And Louise’s, while amazing, looked too much like lingerie.

The Loser:
I should’ve known Malvin was in trouble when Diana turned to me and said “They’re playing the sprightly kuku music!” It was true. Underneath a segment of him at work on his concept “bird and egg” design was playing the music they always play for the crazy designers. Honestly though, his gown wasn’t that bad. Ok, maybe it was, but it seemed constructed well. It had a point of view. I could see some hippie granola chick buying it to wear to a fancy dinner at Café Gratitude.

The Dick 2:
I don’t understand how Mitchell is still on the show. He can’t sew. He has yet to send a wearable garment down the runway. He spends most of his time socializing with the other designers. I can only assume he’s not working on his gown because he doesn’t know the first thing about making clothes. So he farts around until the last minute, complains about how he doesn’t have enough time, and sends a piece of crap out to the judges. Then he stands around on the runway looking pathetic and hangdog, blames his dress on something (the model lied about her measurements, I’ve never worked with a pregnancy band before) and somehow charms the judges into letting him stick around. I don’t get it. Malvin at least was man enough to say he may have stuck with his concept too closely.

Sometimes there will be a designer who hangs around the show a few weeks longer than they should because they make for good TV and the producers (who do have a say in who stays and who goes) are obviously keeping them on. But he doesn’t make for good TV. Maybe he does for Models of the Runway. I only watched the first few minutes of it and based on their reaction to Mitchell not getting sent home, they obviously all hate him.

What’s worse is looking at the clips from next week, the designers work in pairs, Mitchell with Ra’mon. They obviously once again send an unwearable gown down the runway and I bet you, I bet you Mitchell lies, blames Ra’mon and manages to get him sent home instead.

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  1. I agree with every last bit of this. At least last week, you could make an argument that the collar showed some perspective and skill. This week... I can't get over the fact that they said he's actually designed for pregnant women professionally. His design should have been flawless, from that standpoint. So it makes his pathetic shorts all the more sad.

    I too noticed Malvin was getting the crazy music, but was hoping at the time that it was down to the chicken leg comment. No such luck. Which stinks.


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