Thursday, August 6, 2009


More interesting photos of Detroit.


Kids Today on Tighter Leash, But Wild at Home, an interesting article about how child rearing has changed over the decades.


Why Exercise Won't Make You Thin. Short answer: yes it burns calories, but it also stimulates hunger. That Gatorade after your workout can render it a wash.


Watching TV: Even Worse for Kids Than You Think. Somehow watching TV stimulates high blood pressure. Whereas playing video games or spending time on a computer don't.


Jobless NYC woman sues college for $70K in tuition. The entitlement generation at its best (or worst). It couldn't possibly be the economy or anything she's doing wrong. It has to be her college's fault. News flash: This isn't communism. Not everyone gets a job just because.


Haven't actually explored this food blog, but I like the title: How to Cook Like Your Grandmother.

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  1. The problem with that article on exercise is that it doesn't address our ancestry. humans are made to be in constant motion, hence those handy bipedal hips and eyes. We are creatures of endurance, capable of freaking MARATHONS, which is a wonder in and of itself. We are, in effect, meant to work our muscles, and meant to eat lots of food.

    We just aren't meant for KIND of food we eat now, and we certainly aren't meant for desks. In any case, if someone is enough of an idiot to not know that gatorade is full of sugar(tastes sweet!) and that fries are well, fried, then nothing is going to help them anyway.


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