Friday, August 14, 2009


Disposable or cloth diapers? How about neither? Other cultures don't use diapers at all and do just fine. This article explains and explores the new "diaper free" movement.


The USDA's official guidelines on what moldy foods you can cut the mold off and eat and what moldy foods should get tossed.


The below did not actually happen (it's faked for a commercial for Microsoft Germany), but it's really cool anyway.

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  1. re: diapers

    I don't have a child, but there is one thing all of those diaper free babies must have in common- a stay at home parent. You can't put a child in daycare and expect a caregiver to deal with your diaper-free lifestyle. I think that a simpler way to reduce waste is just to use cloth diapers, provided your child isn't sensitive to them(my poor hippie mother was forced to use disposables because of my sensitive skin!)


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