Monday, August 24, 2009


Thanks to the two people who voted in my poll, Shorts will continue.


I know John Hughes died a while ago, but I finally got around to reading this article in the Washington Post penned by a high school classmate of Hughes who is often accused of being the inspiration for Ferris Beuller.

I'll admit that Ferris-ian high jinks were the everyday stuff of our boyhood lives. Ferris clocked in at nine absences his final high school semester. My own was a breathtaking 27... The key was, from the time I entered high school, all sick notes from our mom were actually penned by our sister Sheila. Even the real ones.

Now why didn't I think of that?


Getting Real About the High Price of Cheap Food Wow, what a great article. It's not going to put me off bacon, the world's most perfect food, but maybe I'll buy Niman Ranch bacon more.


Scientists record rare image of "vertical lighting", gigantic bolts of electricity that travel from the tops of clouds up into the lower ionsphere.


More on lighting from Boing Boing, for half the year every year for hundreds of years there's been a lighting storm at the mouth of Vaenezuela's Catatumbo River. 280 strikes per hour. Seriously, it was first recorded in 1597.


Where's the cast of 'Singles' now?
The amazing thing is that they're 38 people mentioned. Of course, they kinda cheat by profiling every member of Soundgarten and Pearl Jam. (In case you didn't know, and I didn't, members of Pearl Jam, which wasn't even known as Pearl Jam yet, make up the band Citizen Dick in the film. Eddie Vetter even has lines.)

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