Tuesday, September 8, 2009

College Football Shorts

I find it more than a little ridiculous that the Big East is still a BCS conference when it had zero teams in the preseason top 25, and after week one, just has one (Cincinnati-23). That's the same number of top 25 teams as the WAC (Boise-12)and downright pitiful compared to the Mountain West's 3 (BYU-9, TCU-16, Utah-17). Keep in mind that TCU hasn't even played a game yet and they're still ranked higher than the entire Big East. (Week 2 Top 25)


Still, I have to question BYU's rise to number 9. The only reason they beat Oklahoma was because they injured their Quarterback. Even so, the inexperienced backup was just a few seconds away from beating them, if only he'd been paying attention to the clock. I have to doubt they'll go undefeated though. Got to figure they'll lose at least once to either TCU or Utah.


Boise's another "problem". Don't get me wrong, I love Boise State, but they dropped down a few notches in my esteem this weekend when their scoreboard operator played the footage of Blount's punch on repeat. That was stupid. But in terms of the team... they don't have another ranked opponent on their schedule. That doesn't mean one of those teams might not be ranked by the time they play them, but if they go undefeated and their only victory over a ranked opponent was the now unranked Oregon in week 1... that's going to be a very weak case for a slot in the title game. (And let's not forget that Boise was ranked 14 and Oregon 16 going into the game, so Boise was technically "supposed" to win that game anyway.)


I can see a scenario this season where multiple teams finish the season undefeated. That's almost a bigger nightmare for the BCS than no teams finishing undefeated.

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