Saturday, September 5, 2009

The Farm Meets the Nation

I'm excited to announce that starting this week I will be a regular contributor to Prince Gomolvilas' blog Bamboo Nation! In Prince's words I'll be "checking in about once a week to talk about sports and novels". Two subjects for which Prince has a well documented aversion. How will I make that work? I'm not sure exactly, but I like a good challenge.

My first post will publish on Sunday. I'll link to it from here, but if you don't already read Bamboo Nation, shame on you.

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In 1789, the governor of Australia granted land and some animals to James Ruse in an experiment to see how long it would take him to support himself. Within 15 months he had become self sufficient. The area is still known as Experiment Farm. This is my Experiment Farm to see how long it will take me to support myself by writing.