Saturday, September 12, 2009

How I got flagged in an Notre Dame Football Game

Notre Dame and Michigan are scheduled to kick-off here in a minute. I've been to a few Irish/Wolverine games in my day, or at least one anyway. In my reminiscing today, I took a peak at some YouTube clips of the 1988 game. My mother, sister, and I were all at the game, which didn't even start until 8pm local time (that was the days before ND's contract with NBC). I remember my mom and I getting home at something like 2am (my sister was a student at St. Mary's - for all I know she didn't get home until 2 either).

Watching the clips reminded me of something I'd forgotten. The crowd was penalized for being too loud. Well, the crowd wasn't penalized. The Irish actually were, but it was the crowd's (and partially my) fault:

You can also watch a full 10 minutes of poor video quality highlights from the game, if you're insane (or you can just skip to the end where Michigan loses on a missed field goal as time expires).

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