Tuesday, September 15, 2009


This, I'm sure is of little interest to anyone but me, and these numbers are probably embarrassingly small compared to other sites, but still...

The day it published, my American Idiot post got 207 hits! That would have been a record except that less then a week before, my rant about the Healthcare Facebook Status Meme got a staggering 560 hits its first day!

The Healthcare post saw a very rapid decline in traffic however, as such things are ephemeral. It's currently sitting at about 794 hits total and has been for over a week.

American Idiot on the other hand has stayed consistently high and now totals 668 hits. That's thanks largely to the fact that the show hasn't opened yet and mine seems to be the only first-hand account of any kind on the net. That will change very soon.


207 hits would not have been a record. Last year's Most Beautiful Bottom post got 448 it's first day and 445 it's second. In just under a year, that post has garnered over 4,300 hits, proving once again that sex sells.

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