Friday, September 4, 2009

Project Runway 6, Episode 3: Mitchell Bites It

Last night a nation of Project-Runway-loving Mitchell-hating viewers went on an emotional roller coaster with a Cinderella story ending, except sort of in reverse.

The Challenge:
Make a surfer beach wear look: Ok, not bad. They had to work in teams this time, and as we knew from preview scenes of this week Mitchell and Ra’mon were on a team. Mitchell was lucky enough to be picked as a team leader saving himself from the schoolyard shame of being picked last for the kickball team. Instead he chose Ra’mon because, as Mitchell said “I needed someone who could carry me”. MITCHELL KNOWS HE HAS NO TALENT. How on earth did he ever get on the show?

The Curveball:
As soon as Tim came into the workroom with a message from the judges, Diana turned to me and said “They’ll have to make a second look.” Well of course they did. With the models having their own show now, the producers weren’t about to let half the models sit around doing nothing for a challenge. The second look had to be “avant garde” but inspired by their first look. Honestly I spent the whole episode so focused on wanting to see Mitchell bite it that I don’t really remember anything about the outfits themselves. My sister said none of them looked particularly “beachy”.

The Rollercoaster:
When Heidi left Ra’mon and Mitchell on the runway I just assumed they were in the bottom two. When they were in the top two I was simultaneously thrilled for Ra’mon who had done a great job building both looks, pulling the avant garde one out of his ass at the last possible moment (he was still dying fabric with about 30 minutes left on the clock) and devastated that I’d be stuck with Mitchell for another week.

The Winner:
Ra’mon! Even though he wasn’t technically the team leader, Mitchell had admitted to doing virtually no work on either the surf look or the avant garde look, so they gave Ra’mon the big prize.

The Loser:
As Heidi started telling designers they were safe and sending them back, I said to Diana “They could still send Mitchell home. There’s nothing in the rules that says they have to send a designer from one of the lowest scored gowns home.” But I didn’t really believe it myself. Then they left Mitchell up there with Qrystl and Epperson (hell duo with scissors). And then with little or no build up, Heidi sent Mitchell home! Booya. She obviously did not like him, but kissed him auf wiedersehen anyway (and then probably took a shower in purell to wash off the smarmy).

Oh, thank goodness. I seriously don’t think I could have watched another episode with Mitchell.

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  1. His behavior was strange...all that wandering around...drugs? I'm glad he's gone, I want to watch people who can design and sew!


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