Friday, September 18, 2009

Project Runway 6, Episode 5: Go Johnny Go

The M.O.
I’ll say one thing about Project Runway, it’s nothing if not consistent. The judges, eternally a week behind, eliminate the person who should have been eliminated the week before. If that holds true next week, Daniel Franco’s clone can start packing his bags.

The Challenge
No big surprise here. The previews made it seem pretty clear they’d be working with newsprint. It was the designer’s first true test of outside-the-box creativity and a solid challenge. I thought most of them did a great job.

The Winner
I’ll buy Irina as the winner last night. Her “fake fur” trench coat was pretty amazing looking. Personally I would have gone with Christopher though. That feather-armor-thing was stunning. He’s becoming one of my favorites, but it’s still too soon to tell.

Liar Liar Pants on Fire
Recovering meth addict Johnny clearly has some issues. Among them was the complete inability to take responsibility for ditching his gown after Tim called it a disaster. I don’t know if he regretted throwing it away or what his deal was, but if we learned anything from horror that was Kenley, it’s that you don’t fuck with Tim Gunn. I loved how cold Tim was to Johnny at the end and how he called the “fiction” Johnny was spewing on the runway “ridiculous”.

The Loser
It was clearly Johnny’s turn. Not only because he was getting “the loser’s edit” but his clothes have been clearly not on the same level as the rest of the designers. Last night’s gown seemed just thrown together, because of course it was because he tossed his original design after Tim… anyway, you get the idea. For a brief second it looked like Daniel Franco’s clone and his punk piece of whaaa? were going to get the axe, but the judges made the right choice.

My Hairdresser
I got to talk to the guy who cuts my hair about the show this week. He really liked the show's move to L.A. because "Fashion isn't all about New York". He was also amazed at how after all these years, he's not sick of Tim Gunn. That might not have come out right, but the point was that Tim's presence on the show is still fresh. If someone were to be replaced on the show, he'd want it to be Heidi before Tim.

Unrelated Thoughts on Season 1
Watched most of the season finale of Season 1 today on Bravo. I've only seen bits and peices of Season 1 and I'd never seen the finale. Too much drama! I can't believe so may people I know insist Season 1 was the best. I think Wendy Pepper alone would have made me stop watching.

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