Saturday, October 17, 2009

Baseball Shorts

Did you know the White Sox almost moved twice? Once in 1975 to Seattle and then in 1988 to Tampa. If only they'd gone!

8 Franchise Relocations That Fell Through


It's mentioned in the article above and again here and here, but the A's almost moved to Chicago!

Seattle was suing Major League Baseball for losing the Pilots to Milwaukee (to become the Brewers) after just 1 season in Washington. The White Sox were on the verge of bankruptcy. A's owner Charlie Finley wanted out of Oakland after poor attendance during their 3 year championship run (72-74). So the owners brilliant idea was to force the White Sox owner to sell to Seattle interests and for the A's to move to Chicago. Brilliant!

Except it all fell through when Bill Veeck bought the White Sox and kept them at Comiskey. As much as I love you Bill Veeck, I have a hard time forgiving that (or the several other times you owned the White Sox).


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