Tuesday, October 6, 2009


I watched a little bit of Ancient Aliens on the History Chanel last night, but had to keep flipping away because it was making me so angry.

People are idiots.

Not only that, but they constantly underestimate our ancestors. People thousands of years ago, even hundreds of thousands of years ago were still people. They were just as smart as we are. They were just as creative. They were just as good at making stuff up. They were just as good at solving problems.

Ancient people built the pyramids... BECAUSE THEY'RE THERE. How did they do it? I don't know, but they had a lot of time and a lot of man power to figure it out.

Why are so many ancient ruins aligned with astronomical phenomenon? Because they had a lot of time to look up at the sky and track the stars and the sun. Not only that, but they needed to for navigation and agricultural purposes.

Why are their pyramids all over the world? Aside from the fact that it's a simple and obvious building technique for making something tall (even the Eiffel Tower is pyramid shaped), but pyramid building arose around the same time as agriculture. What are the two most important things to an agricultural society? Sunshine and rain. Have you ever seen the sun shine through a break in the clouds during a rainstorm? Hello! Pyramid shaped.

People do this all the time. We couldn't have gone to the moon in 1969. Not with the technology we had then. But we did. We do a lot of things, but no matter what we do, people still don't believe it.

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