Friday, October 23, 2009

Project Runway 6, Episode 10: WTF?!?

There are no words. Seriously. The man who will henceforth be referred to as “He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named” or Voldemort for short, is dead to me. As far as I’m concerned he is no longer on the show. He must not only be sleeping with ALL of the producers but also have incriminating photos of Heidi, Michael, and Nina. He must have incriminating photos of Satan himself to still be on the show.

The Challenge
The look of obvious disappointment and forced excitement on all of the designer’s faces when they learned the “famous designer” they were meeting on Redeo Drive was only Michael Kors was priceless. In the words of Nelson Muntz: “Ha ha”.

The Winner
Yeah, yeah. Irina won with her Aspen backless sweater thing. Yawn. It’s a forgone conclusion she’s in the final 3. Might as well just let her go home and start working on her collection now so we don’t have to listen to her bitching. I would say I’m certain we’ll have an all female final 3, but unless someone breaks the Imperius Curse that Voldemort has cast on the judges he’ll somehow make it to Bryant Park.

The Loser
Farewell Feather Prince. You were robbed. Your outfit, while not in anyway inspired by Greece, was at least wearable and interesting. Voldemort’s hoe-down outfit was essentially an interesting belt with some amateur-hour fabric attached. I defy you to find anyone who would wear that thing without being confunded first.

The Unhappy
Tim Gunn was visibly displeased with the outcome of the eliminations. He clearly did not think the Feather Prince should have been sent packing. The guys at Project Rungay (which is magically no longer blocked by the company firewall, yay!) did a funny montage of Tim from last week’s episode: Tim Gunn is tired of your bullshit.

Milla Kick’s Ass
Milla Jovavich was the best celebrity judge yet. She was forceful with her opinions and even went toe-to-toe with Heidi (“If this were ‘Project I Don’t Mind It’ it would be fine”). Maybe it’s because she’s been modeling since she was 11, has her own clothing line, is an actress, etc. I didn’t expect her to be so accent-free however. She’s come along way from her Fifth Element “I can barely speak English” days.

The Logan
Logan and his run-of-the-mill jeans outfit could just as easily have been aufed as any of them. I’m not sure why he’s still hanging around except that all the girls are hot for him. That and he’s clearly not the worst designer left on the show. The previews made it look like he explodes next week. He’ll probably be aufed and You-Know-Who will live on for another challenge.

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