Friday, October 30, 2009

Project Runway 6, Episode 11: Ho Hum

After this episode, I had to stop and ask myself “Why am I still watching this?” There’s really nothing compelling about any of these designers or their work. I’m only watching out of loyalty to the show. Next season better be better than this. Fortunately Project Run Gay reported that Nina and Michael will be in every episode of Season 7.

The Challenge
I really liked using the designer’s past looks as inspiration as the challenge. Although it did make it glaringly obvious that Logan had never won a challenge. I think a better challenge would have been to use someone else’s design as their inspiration. Oh, wait, that’s what happened anyway.

The Winner:
In the Great Sweater Battle, Althea and her Sweater with Boobs edged out Irina and her Sweater with Bordello Wallpaper to take the title. I guess sweater looks were big last fall. For some reason Althea’s suddenly being edited to look like a bitch. She and Irina went through some strange junior-high BFF to Worst-Enemies cycle in last night’s episode. Now I don’t like either of them.

The Loser:
Voldemort continued his string of 5 consecutive appearances in the bottom 3 without being eliminated. I guess Heidi was lying when she told Mitchell “Three strikes and you’re out”. He must still have the judges under an Imperius Curse because there was nothing redeeming about his Bed Skirt Dress. Of course Logan got auf’d on his 4th consecutive trip to the final 3 and 5th overall. His Bride of Frankenstein in Space outfit was so bad. I just wish they’d eliminated both of them and been done with it. (And how bad is the editing when I could tell from last week's previews that Logan was going to get eliminated this week?)

Final Four?
From the previews of next week, it appears this year they’re picking a final four instead of a final three. I don’t know why I find this so upsetting. Looking back, there was only one season previously with a final four (Season 3). Sure every other time at least 4 designers showed at fashion week because fashion week always happened before the episode aired to reveal the final 3. So, on the one hand, why not just have a final 4? On the other, because of Project Runway’s legal issues, they could have only let 3 designers show for the first time ever.

Maybe it’s because I just think of the show has having a final three not a final four? Maybe it’s because I’d rather see a three-person finale and get to see more of each designer’s back story, process, and collection? Maybe it’s because it makes it that much easier for Voldemort to show at Bryant Park?

I mean seriously, I can’t think of anything more frightening that having to watch him send an entire collection down the runway.

The Judges
It was fun to see Nick come back and judge, even if he did look really nervous shuffling through his note cards. And, yay, Kerry Washington was a judge. As I mention every time she pops up on a TV screen, I went to college with Kerry. She was so nice.

Hey Lifetime
It'd be nice if your Project Runway website featured more than just video clips and photos. Can you not afford a writer? Oh, and it would be nice if your links worked. None of the "Rate Their Design" links in the designer's profiles actually take you to their design.

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  1. Why has PR gotten so boring? Is the collected footage really so bad that we're seeing the best of it on the show? Waaaay too much time spent on the not very interesting "not here to make friends" blah blah blah (I know it is standard reality tv fare) and not enough on actually seeing them make the clothes. Why does Heidi hate Gordana so much? Why am I still watching? Hope springs eternal.


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