Friday, October 2, 2009

Project Runway 6, Episode 7: Back to Form

Oh Michael Kors, I never knew how much I missed you until you went away. Please stick around and bring Nina Garcia back too while you’re at it. We need you both as the show moves into the more important eliminations.

The Challenge
I like the team challenges because you get to see the designers interact more. It generally separates the wheat from the assholes. Or at least from the people who don’t play well with others.

I can’t help but wonder what the winner of this challenge would have originally gotten to design for Macy’s. The “holiday dress” was clearly a voice-over added in post-production. After all, this episode was shot over a year ago and would have originally aired back in February. A summer dress perhaps? Did they design it and have to shelve it?

The Winner
Personally I would have given the win to Carol Hannah & Shirin’s two looks (#1, #2). Not only did I like them more, but Irina complained too much about Gordana (or at least it was edited that way). Gordana turned out a very nice look in spite of Irina. On the other hand, Irina vomited out an incoherent mass of blue stripes. Sure it would stand out if you walked past it on a rack in Macy’s… because it’s ugly and unflattering. Ok, yes, I’m being overly harsh for comedic effect, but you have to admit it looked a little like she took a Ralph Lauren rugby shirt and turned it into a dress. “Maybe it looked better in person” seems to be a theme this year.

And what was with the “Holiday Dress” she designed for Macy’s? Since when does a black dress with a butterfly on the hip have anything to do with the holidays? Maybe the winner originally got to design a spring dress and Macy's just plugged it into their holiday line rather than have her design something else.

The Loser
Michael Kors comes back and immediately the judges snap back in line and return to form, eliminating the person who should have been eliminated the week before. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Louise only designs cloths for herself. She would have looked good in either the ruffle dress or the shower-luffa dress, but no one else would. The Feather Prince dodged a bullet though. If he hadn’t had immunity from last week, I think the judges would have jumped at the chance to auf him too.

The Christopher
In stead they left Christopher up on the runway and for a second made it look like they would eliminate him too. As with Logan before him, I think they just left him up there to put the fear of Heidi into him. Someone on the show clearly likes him because even though he was so overcome on the runway he couldn’t speak, the judges didn’t press him and/or the producers gave him the most respectful and favorable edit they could. If the judges really have returned to form though, he could be sent home next week. (Although, I think the Feather Prince really fits the bill of “should have been eliminated the week before” and he’s probably on the chopping block.)

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  1. I love the fact that Nicolas IS the Feather Prince, but he "hates ruffles." Get over yourself, Nick! You ARE a ruffle... in need of ironing.


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