Friday, October 9, 2009

Project Runway 6, Episode 8: Season of Strangeness

I don’t know what’s going on with this season. As a friend of mine pointed out in so many words “they’ve had a year to edit this together and this is the best they can do?” Maybe now that the legal trouble is behind them, they've settled in at Lifetime, and moved Season 7 back to New York, next year will be better. So far though, this season is kinda boring. Largely because anytime a designer starts looking interesting, they kick them off the show.

The Challenge
Diana totally called it as a wedding challenge as soon as they said there would be different models. We both thought this challenge sounded familiar, but I couldn’t find it online anywhere. They had to make wedding dresses in Season 1. Does anyone remember another challenge where they had to re-use a dress? I remember when they had to use the clothes they were wearing and when they had to rip apart their apartments.

The Winner
I’m glad Gordana won with her punk dress. When she made her phone call home, I thought she was doomed, but they were just setting up a nice emotional arc for her that tied in perfectly with the challenge itself. I like Gordana. She’s very likable. Irina, not so likable. It would have been seriously boring if she’d won again, even though she made a nice dress. She obviously expected to win.

The Loser
No! Not my Epperson. He was the most likeable person on the show. He was like the show’s Charlie Brown. Sure it looked like he’d made a costume for Alice in Wonderland, and he never really understood the challenge, but not my Epperson. The show’s going to be even more boring without him.

Fortunately he had the best attitude of any exiting designer I’ve ever seen. Just one more reason to wish he’d stayed.

The “Why Is He Still On the Show?”
Oh Christopher, how far you have fallen. How exactly did you stave off elimination with your cinched up silver hefty bag dress? How on earth did you think that looked in anyway good on her? The judges must like you or something because you so should have been out on your ass and not my Epperson. It think you and the Feather Prince will be in a fight for your life next week.

Speaking of the Feather Prince
Like him or hate him, he gave us the most priceless and funniest moment of the season last night with his wide-eyed head-shake to the camera behind his crazy model’s back after she said she wanted to have his babies. I’m still smiling about that one.

Point of View vs Client Wishes
I liked how Shirin stood her ground when her model wanted something crazy, and how she was so upfront about it with the judges. She also gave Tim Gunn an opportunity to show how great he is. Her dress… meh. Logan on the other hand got completely lost in what his client thought she wanted. Once he realized that, he kinda checked out.

Next Week
Nina Garcia’s back! Woot!


  1. I was so disappointed to see Epperson go, ESPECIALLY with the hot mess Logan sent down. UGH. But... I was REALLY squeaking with joy when Gordana got her win. I know that her designs are a bit safe, but for me, her designs have also seemed wearable. Many times, I feel like I want to shake the judges and tell them that there is a world of difference between wearable and boring. Yes, be exciting, yes, challenge the current trends- but also remember that you are designing for women, and that women are the ones who will buy your clothes.

  2. Well, it depends on whether you're obsessed with the international versions of Project Runway. This exact same challenge was used in the fifth episode the second season of Project Runway Canada.

    As for the American show, I'm guessing you're thinking of the weight loss challenge in the fifth episode of season four. The designers reworked clothing from before the clients had lost weight into new looks for them. One of the designers actually ended up working with a wedding dress.


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