Friday, October 16, 2009

Project Runway 6, Episode 9: Who is Christopher Sleeping With?

Seriously, who is Christopher sleeping with that he’s still on the show? That’s the only way to explain how he was not eliminated last night. The only thing I can think of to explain why the judging has been so wildly inconsistent this season is that the judges have been different every week. None of this week’s judges, save Heidi, saw Christopher’s hefty bag dress last week. Had they, they would not have let him pass. He’s been consistently bad and yet he survives.

The Loser
Whereas Shirin almost won last week, but got aufed this week. Of course none of the judges (save Heidi) saw her fabulous dress last week. What’s Heidi thinking? Was she so distracted by the show’s legal troubles when this was filmed that she wasn’t paying any attention? Maybe they were trying too hard this season to live by their “in fashion one week you’re in and the next week you’re out” tag line?

Sure Shirin's dress wasn’t that good, but the judges said they liked the top. There was nothing redeeming about Chris’s outfit. Not only was it poorly made, but Christina Aguilera had already worn outfits just like it for the Lady Marmalade album. How does that slide by? What do they see in him?

Who is he sleeping with?

Christina Aguilera
He's certainly not sleeping with Christina Aguilera. She made a much better celebrity judge than Lindsay Lohan. She had well-articulated insightful comments. She’s also incredibly short. Did you see the heels she had on?

The Fakeout
Like clockwork, the 6 people that Tim talks to when he comes into the workroom end up the three best and three worst scoring designers. Except last night. We never saw Logan’s zoological society gown at all until it came down the runway. Except for distracting Carol Hannah with his hotness, we didn’t see him at all. Then suddenly he’s in the bottom three? Ok. We knew he wasn’t going to be aufed at least.

The Winner
Carol Hannah finally won a challenge with her black-on-black feather gown. She even managed to out-feather The Feather Prince who got lucky with yet another challenge that played to his strengths (his dress). But “yay!” for Carol Hannah, especially since it must have pissed off Irina to no end.

The Bitch
Yes, Irina is a bitch, or at least is being edited that way. The Feather Prince even said it on camera. It’s one thing to have confidence and think you’re the best. It’s another to have to keep putting others down to keep up your confidence. The "I'm not here to make friends" excuse only goes so far, especially on a show like Project Runway where the social interactions don't really play any part in the outcome. Hopefully she’ll get her comeuppance at some point, but I can’t see how she’ll miss the final 3.

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  1. Sarah and I were talking about the episode today and we also wondered who Christopher is sleeping with. And why aren't we seeing more of Logan, except for comments about his hotness? I have to assume he lasts a long time and the producers just haven't gotten around to him yet.


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