Wednesday, October 7, 2009


A sports blog I might start reading.


Why gay marriage should be legalized:

Explain to me again how a straight couple would have been split like this even for five minutes, let alone hours. Explain to me how three children would have been kept from their straight mother’s side, how a dying straight person would be treated in such an cruel, vicious, I-don’t-have-enough-words way.

Tell me again why the word “marriage” doesn’t matter


The Wondermark Fiction Generator.


Excerpts from the Dream Diary of William Shatner:

I left the house to go to the set. It was a beautiful day, the kind of sunshine that only happens in California. When I opened my car door there was an explosion of ferrets. They just kept running and squirming their way out of the driver’s door like a fur avalanche. Ferrets make me uncomfortable. Wife says they probably represent death. But, in the end, doesn’t everything?

Monkey Shatner by Matthew Porter

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