Monday, November 16, 2009

Not enough teams for a Top 25

I guess at this point in the season a team can make it into the BCS Top 25 even with 3 losses as long as they’re from a major conference. Unless of course you’re Boston College, North Carolina, West Virginia, Rutgers, Nebraska, Arizona, or Mississippi.

So really, if you’re a 3 loss team in the ACC or Pac-10 you can be in the Top 25, unless of course you’re Boston College, North Carolina, or Arizona.

Can somebody please explain to me how USC, after suffering two of its worst losses in school history, is still ranked? And that’s not even mentioning their loss to a currently 3-7 Washington team.

And how exactly is Stanford ranked 18th all of the sudden? Sure they just opened a can of wuppass on USC, but please to remember they also lost to Wake Forest, a team that currently has the impressive record of 4-7.

Maybe this late in the season there should just be a Top 15.


As an update to my post Why Notre Dame needs to join a conference, Notre Dame did play another ranked team last weekend in #8 Pitt and if Stanford manages to beat Cal this weekend they’ll likely be ranked when the Irish play them Thanksgiving weekend. That makes their schedule somewhat more respectable.

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