Friday, November 13, 2009

Project Runway 6, Episode 13: The sound of one hand clapping

Was there a new Project Runway on last night? I’m not sure. I couldn’t tell.

The producers continue to cling to the tension between Irina and Althea with a vice-like grip trying desperately to turn it into something worth watching. Irina continues to bitch about Althea stealing her ideas, and then doesn’t see why she can’t incorporate existing Coney Island t-shirt art that she doesn’t have the rights to into her designs… I guess stealing is only ok if she does it.

Not only did they show us the footage of Irina slamming Althea for stealing her sweater idea yet again, but they completely recycled the “extra” challenge from Season 2, right down to choosing an eliminated designer to help.

The episode was noticeably devoid of corporate sponsors. Not surprising considering the show was hip deep in legal doodoo by the time this one was shot, and everyone knew at that point it wasn’t airing anytime soon. Tim Gunn wasn’t driving around in a Saturn. There was no Macy’s anything, and the workroom was in generic-land. They didn’t even tell us where it was, except that it was in NYC somewhere near Bryant Park. Maybe it was in a bunker somewhere.

Poor Carol Hannah
Not only is she probably not going to win, but she’s suffering from some sort of stomach flu. Although, if I were forced to share an apartment with Irina and Althea, I’d be spending a lot of time in the bathroom vomiting myself. The previews of next week made it look like she might not even make it to the Byant Park show, which would seriously suck. If I stick through this entire goddamn lame season, I want to at least see the only halfway likable designer show a collection.

Tim Gunn
I love watching him visit the designers and their family and friends. He’s so great. Wasn’t he just adorable in his impeccable suit wearing a floral apron rolling out dough? If you’re watching it on-demand or on TIVO just watch his parts and skip the rest.

Next Week
Hmm… yeah… well… I guess I’ll watch it. I don’t know though. I might have to scrub the grout in the shower that night, which would probably be more interesting.


  1. you HAVE to watch it...I'm counting on you (and thanks for the advice, I'll on-demand it just for Tim Gunn)

  2. You have already invested this much time, you might as well see it through even if it's just to complete the cycle of bitching about it.

  3. Frankly, the only thing thats kept me watching this far is the knowledge that somewhere out there, Alan is enduring this nightmare too. And is going to kvetch about it tomorrow. YAY! (You should start blogging SYTYCD. Seriously, how did Mollee and Nathan not get in the bottom three this week? Painful!)

  4. Oh, I haven't been watching this cycle of SYTYCD. It just started up too soon after the last cycle ended. I wasn't ready for more yet. Maybe I'll pick it up for rest of the season.


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