Friday, December 18, 2009

Old Berkeley

I found these photos in an article in SFGatte about the book Eccentrics, Heroes and Cutthroats of Old Berkeley

The photo below is a little bit north of where my future in-laws currently live. This part of North Berkeley was going to be set aside as a giant park, Berkeley's version of Golden Gate Park, but the 1908 ballot measure failed by just 194 votes (yet another example of why direct democracy isn't always such a good idea).

In no time at all, roads were laid out through the area for housing. Below you can see Marin Ave winding its way along Marin Creek and Solano Ave, the straight road to right of it, before many houses had been built. If I'm eye-balling it right, the red X indicates where my future in-laws house is currently (click the image to see it a little bigger).

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