Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Project Runway 7 Designers Announced

The premier of Project Runway season 7 is less then a month away, and Diana pointed out to me today that the designers have been announced. You can see them all here on the Lifetime website.

My initial reaction is pretty much what it always is: Why do these people need Project Runway? One guy is the "lead stylist for Gap Inc. in the kids' division". I can't relate to that. Not that a guy I can relate to is ever going to make it on the show, but it would be nice to have someone approachable.

Of course on the other end of the spectrum is this guy who lists his profession as "Technically, unemployed, but I prefer "independent freelance womenswear designer". That could mean he has a sense of humor and his cool, or that could mean he's entirely too hipper-than-thou.

Other interesting things to note:
- This season appears to have a Jeffery clone.
- One contestant lists "God" as her favorite designer.
- Which is handy because "Jesus" is also a contestant. (Ok, it's the common Hispanic name, but it's going to throw me off reading it in print all season.)

Until I see them in action, it's too soon to tell if this crop of designers is more interesting than the last.


  1. I'm sorry, maybe I'm jumping the gun here, but a lead designer for the Gap doesn't belong on PR. I thought this show was supposed to be for the little guys. Grrr...

  2. My personal favorite is the guy who said he is from "the Philippines". Couldn't get more specific than that? There's only something like 3 billion islands in the Philippines.

  3. He's a Merchandiser- I used to be a merchandiser @ Macy's. They're the people who decide where the stuff goes, and how it should be laid out in the stores. It doesn't even say if he is the *head* of ALL merchandising for Gap, or if he is regional. He's 31. I'd be sooooper impressed if he was @ the corp level. I also kind of doubt that is the case.


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