Thursday, January 21, 2010

Brief Rant

Well of course Brown won the Senate race. This country has never liked putting too much power in the hands of one party. Any Democrat who thought their filibuster-proof majority would last any length of time was living in la-la land. And they'll probably loose control of one or both houses this fall too. We generally don't like to have our Presidents and Congress be of the same party. I don't know why exactly, it's not like Obama, W, or Clinton got anything done when their party had control of Congress.

And of course Obama's approval ratings have fallen. For liberals, he hasn't done enough (or anything really), and for conservatives, he's done too much.

I mean he had a year with complete control and still couldn't pass health care reform. Shame on him.

All this brings me back to my long-standing opinion that our two party system simply does not work. We need the Libertarian and the Green parties to both become stronger and more mainstream to make things work (because I don't believe a three party system works either). Then maybe we'd have a better idea of who we're voting for. I cringe every time I hear someone talking about "conservative Democrats" or "liberal Republicans". That's a load of horse shit.

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