Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Project Runway 7, Episode 1: They're Back!

Yesterday I stumbled across a marathon on FX of the Star Wars prequels. I turned them on and watched them for a bit and was astounded at just how bad they are. I somehow had tricked myself into believing they either didn’t exist at all or weren’t as bad as I remembered them. They do and they are unfortunately. What does this have to do with Project Runway? Watching the first episode of Season 7 made me almost forget that the abomination that was Season 6 happened at all. Everything was back to normal: they’re in New York back at Parsons, Nina and Michael were back as judges, Heidi was knocked up and still gorgeous. Ah…

The Crazy One
In a shocking departure from The-Season-That-Must-Not-Be-Named, the judges did not eliminate the designer with the most out-there point of view. Sure Ping is a little crazy, but I still like her even if I didn’t understand her gown. It remains to be seen how she’ll fair in a more tightly directed challenge.

The Cliché
Maybe it’s just the world I live in, but Seth Aaron’s Mr. Steampunk-Vintage-Anime aesthetic seems so hoo-hum, yawn, clichéd. I mean he called his dress “Little Tokyo” and built the story around her going to the MTV Music Awards. Seriously? Are you for real? At first glance he reminded me of previous-winner Jeffery, but at least Jeffery had a hard-rock edge to him. Seth Aaron has an “I go to Burning Man Every year” edge to him. I could throw a rock in the Mission on a Saturday night and hit 6 of him.

The Challenge
It was a re-hash of the first challenge from Season 4, only in Central Park instead of Bryant Park, yet I liked it anyway because of the twist. Getting them to edit themselves now is a good move.

The Loser
I had no problems with the elimination of Christiane. Her dress was clearly the odd-one-out.

The Winner
Emilio won, I guess. I had to look it up. The problem with the first episode is that there’s too many of them to get to know. I didn’t really notice too much about his dress because I was too distracted by how masculine his model was. With the hairstyle Emlio put on her coupled with her height and broad shoulders, she looked like a man. I seriously had to do some Googling this morning to see if she was transgender or even a transvestite. (Apparently not, but I haven’t found specific confirmation). I’m sure in the right outfit and hairstyle I wouldn’t have that problem, but she’s going to be a challenging model for the designers to work with.

I can’t wait for Episode 2!

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